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The Antiparos Festival

antiparos festival invite to the art project
antiparos festival invite to the art project
Σας προσκαλούμε μες την καρδιά
του Κάστρου να γιορτάσουμε μαζί
την καλλιτεχνική μυσταγωγία
της παρουσίαση των έργων

“Το Φτερωτό Κλουβί”
της Λυδίας Βενιέρη


“Οι Σκάλες του Ιακωβ”
του Bruce Robins

καθώς και τους λικνιζομενους ήχους
των Bazzarnomads
Την Πέμπτη 27 Ιουλίου 2017

την μαγική ώρα 9:30μ.μ.
antiparos festival invite to the art project
The Antiparos Festival
invites you to the celebration of
a mystic night of art and music at the
Kastro of Antiparos town.

"The Winged Cage"
Lydia Venieri


"Jacob's Ladder"
Bruce Robins

Music by Bazzarnomads

On Thursday, July 27, 2017
at the magic hour of
9:30 pm
The Antiparos Festival brings together artists from all over the world to create something new, to break the borders of their own art, using the telluric energy and naturalist beauty of this unique island.

The international multicultural events will interact with the local memories, traditions and historical spaces creating a new experimental event.

This years events will include art installations in the old venitian castle in the heart of the two by Bruce Robbins and Lydia Venieri, and the screening of thrity-two international award winning short films at the open air cinema Cine Oliaros.
Tο φεστιβάλ της Αντιπαρου εγκαινιάζεται φέτος με την προβολή 32 μικρών ταινειων μικρού μήκους από διαφορετικά μέρη του κόσμου. Το φεστιβάλ είναι ανοιχτό σε κάθε μορφή τέχνης , μουσική,θέατρο, κι έχει σκοπό να δέσει με ένα βαθύτερο δεσμό τους επισκέπτες με τους ντόπιους, να αγκαλιάσει και να απασχολήσει την νεολεα του νησιού, να γιορτάζει την σύγχρονη τέχνη μαζί με την παράδοση και την ιστορία, να γεφυρώσει νοηματικά την Αντίπαρο με το παγκόσμιο δημιουργικό πνεύμα δίνοντας την δίκη του υπόσταση στο παγκόσμιο στερέωμα.

Ενάντια στην ανονιμότητα και την ισοπέδωση της κουλτούρας μας μέσω του γκλομπαλισμου το φεστιβάλ της Αντιπαρου που θα περιλαμβάνει διεθνή σύγχρονη τέχνη και γνήσια ντόπια παράδοση, θα γίνει ένας υγιείς θεσμός που θα ενώνει δυναμικά την πολιτιστική κληρονομιά με κάθε δημιουργική έκφραση και καινοτομία, κάνοντας το νησί της Μανταλένας πηγή έμπνευσης για πάντα.
  • At the Cine Oliaros in Antiparos

    SCRABBLE Poster


    dir. by Cristian Sulser, Switzerland
    runtime: 12 min
    screening: July 29th
    Theo lives just such a dull routine in his allotment shed, his passion for his wife Barbara long gone. In secret, he imagines what it would be like to get away from this bleak, empty existence with Barbara.Their weekly Scrabble game presents unexpected opportunities - is it possible that a few simple letters could bring Theo`s dark fantasies to reality? That a chosen word determines fate? Is it possible to murder Barbara?
    BUTTERFLY Poster


    dir. by Yianna Dellatolla, Greece
    runtime: 20 min
    screening: July 29th
    A young love between a boy and a girl in elementary school turns into a heartbreak when their family dramas end up affecting their sensitive interaction.
    The Cursed Days Poster

    The Cursed Days

    dir. by Emilija Gasic, Serbia/Montenegro
    runtime: 17 min
    screening: July 29th
    During the turbulent times in the 18th century Serbian village, life of a poor, superstitious Serbian family dramatically changes when the head of the family, father and husband returns from the war against Turks - infected with vampirism. However, one family member manages to find salvation in the place least expected.
    Figs For Italo Poster

    Figs For Italo

    dir. by Bob Celli, United States
    runtime: 19 min
    screening: July 29th
    A world at war. A brother and sister. A day that changed their family forever.
    AIR Poster


    dir. by Mete Sozer, USA
    runtime: 1 min
    screening: July 29th
    The juxtaposition of freedom and the horror which accompanies nothingness.

    The Loyalist

    dir. by Minji Kang, South Korea
    runtime: 20 min
    screening: July 29th
    A North Korean general checks in on his daughter at a Swiss boarding school to test her loyalty to her motherland.
    The outcasts of the Calatrava Bridge Poster

    The Outcasts Of The Calatrava Bridge

    dir. by Dimitris Panakis, Greece
    runtime: 8 min
    screening: July 29th
    A man and a woman, outcasts of a harsh reality, walk along the Calatrava Bridge in Athens (Greece). they stop for a while and they dream before they return to their everyday life.
    An untold story of a known Irony Poster

    An Untold Story Of A Known Irony

    dir. by Ritika Bajaj Vijra, India
    runtime: 20 min
    screening: July 29th
    A emotional saga of a family during the biggest mass migration of the world- India Pakistan Partition
    The Tree of Numbers Poster

    The Tree Of Numbers

    dir. by Isis Kiwen, Mexico
    runtime: 15 min
    screening: July 29th
    A little girl who is ostracized by her town is vindicated through her numbers.
    The West Begins at Fifth Avenue Poster

    The West Begins At Fifth Avenue

    dir. by Kryssa Schemmerling, Donald Gray, USA
    runtime: 17 min
    screening: July 29th
    History and myth merge in this impressionistic mini-epic that imagines the birth and early life of legendary gunslinger Billy the Kid ...


    dir. by Alexi Papalexopoulos, USA
    runtime: 8 min
    screening: July 29th
    Athanasios, a mischievous, 21 year old Greek American, lives and works with his grandfather, a Greek immigrant, in the family shoe repair store. Athanasios takes his Greek heritage for granted, and more importantly, the significance of his name and what it means. It is through the telling of his grandfather's survival of the Kalavryta Massacre of 1943 that Athanasios finally realizes and appreciates his heritage -- never again shunning away his name or family.
    Elvin Poster


    dir. by Orfeas Peretzis, Greece
    runtime: 25 min
    screening: July 29th
    Peter works as a DJ for a night's wage at clubs of the Greek province. Always on the move. Irritable, solitary. This time he has a passenger.
    The Lotus Gun Poster

    The Lotus Gun

    dir. by Amanda Milius, USA
    runtime: 26 min
    screening: July 29th
    The year is 2077, in a post government world, where there are no laws or weapons, Nora and her best friend and lover, Daph, live an idyllic life in a sparse and rugged landscape. After a stranger arrives on their land Daph's curiosity takes her away to a violent and misogynistic psychedelic drug cult. Nora doesn't just want Daph back, she also wants revenge.
    Awake Poster


    dir. by Michael Achtman, UK
    runtime: 22 min
    screening: July 29th
    Anna, a woman living with MS is visited by Doreen, a door to door proselytizer who makes herself at home and stays the day, slowly defrosting her non-welcome. Together they walk in the park, bake a chocolate cake and watch an Ingmar Bergman film. Both women are blind, played by blind actors Alex Bulmer and Margo Cargill in this existential comedy.

    31st July

    Col O' Bara Delivers Injustice Poster

    Col O' Bara Delivers Injustice

    dir. by Theodoras Vogiatzidis, Greece
    runtime: 11 min
    screening: July 30th
    An action/crime/thriller/comedy taking place somewhere between the 70's and the 80's. Col O' Bara is a conservative, racist, irresponsible and sexually confused cop, He doesn't hesitate to play out of the rules and he tends to do that a lot. With his sidekick, played by Nico Pipico (fictional playboy-actor of the 70's played by Nick Diamantidis), he confronts the 'creme de la creme' of the criminal underworld while making a mess out of everything with their unorthodox ways and their incompetence.
    KILL ME Poster

    Kill Me

    dir. by Damon Silvester, USA
    runtime: 13 min
    screening: July 30th
    An elderly woman wants to die to be with her deceased husband but her religion forbids she seeks alternative means.
    Woman Poster


    dir. by Konstantinos Chaliasas, Greece
    runtime: 15 min
    screening: July 30th
    Calliope, a fifty-year old woman, has only one purpose in life: to see her daughter getting married.
    Mast Poster


    dir. by Tahsin Ozmen, Turkey
    runtime: 14 min
    screening: July 30th
    During the 1990s, a boy struggles to deliver a banned Kurdish cassette to his grandfather in the City of Cizre.

    Forced Contact

    dir. by Daniele Sartori , Italy
    runtime: 20 min
    screening: July 30th
    World War II has just come to an end. At a center for the identification of prisoners of war, Lieutenant Antonio Graziani is being falsely accused of having ordered the execution of ten civilians. German Detlef Hagermann, captured along with Graziani by partisans during the days of the massacre, is the only one able to clear him from the accusations, but will the secret he promised to keep prevent him from telling the truth ?
    AXIOM Poster


    dir. by Sally Grizzell Larson, United States
    runtime: 1 min
    screening: July 30th
    The rhythm of clapping hands, the repetition of images in equally timed segments: We are lulled and seduced. Like any other high functioning receptor, the human brain is indiscriminate about what it picks up. How then do we resist the seemingly benign when we're mesmerized by it in spite of our better judgment?
    The Soft Shelled Crab and the Metal Claw Poster

    The Soft Shelled Crab And The Metal Claw

    dir. by Joseph Accardi, USA
    runtime: 15 min
    screening: July 30th
    A Chinese woman in her mid twenties finds herself enslaved by the bonds of marriage to an abusive husband, the owner of a fish market in New York City's Chinatown. Trapped in this foreign reproduction of her homeland, Wei Tang is forced to endure a grueling ... ...however, after years of enduring this life, Wei Tang has hatched a plan to escape. Will Wei Tang get away, or, like the crabs and fish she sells, are there just some traps from which we cannot break free?
    Prosehos Poster


    dir. by Vanessa Zouganeli, Greece
    runtime: 5 min
    screening: July 30th
    Prosechos (Shortly) is a trailer of a breath catching drama involving corrupted doctors, brutal gangsters and a greedy femme fatal.


    dir. by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran
    runtime: 1 min
    screening: July 30th
    The Barber started cutting the boys hair while watching a Football game on TV.
    Before The Full Moon Returns Poster

    Before The Full Moon Returns

    dir. by Danliewen Lu, China
    runtime: 20 min
    screening: July 30th
    Before the moon festival arrives, a furniture dealer has to find back his grandmother's table which he sold indifferently. This unexpectedly difficult mission gradually revives his deeply sunken memories.
    Hear me out Poster

    Hear Me Out

    dir. by Andronikos - Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Greece
    runtime: 20 min
    screening: July 30th
    The movie follows the life of a man who is daily faced with psychological violence and pressure in contemporary Athens. Inevitably, the receiver having stored all that pressure in his soul ends up causing and exerting more violence as a form of reaction towards his immediate environment. So, we watch how the protagonist enters a vicious circle of brutality in which no room for communication exists.
    In Overtime Poster

    In Overtime

    dir. by Rami Yasin, Jordan
    runtime: 13 min
    screening: July 30th
    When 40-year-old Amir visits his ailing father in hospital intending to reveal a long held secret, the nature of their dysfunctional relationship gets in the way. As the two men battle out their differences, the tension mounts on Amir who finally withdraws and leaves. Blinded by rage and his galloping emotions, Amir finds himself stuck between guilt and a desperate need to race back to his father before it's too late.
    Noise Poster


    dir. by Paul Surety, United Kingdom
    runtime: 6 min
    screening: July 30th
    'Noise' is a film that uses clever sound design to show the liberating effects of dance.It shows the world from the perspective of a withdrawn and lonely girl surrounded by arguing or hectoring adults. The film has a cold, austere feel. Instead of dialogue the film is filled with cacophonous noise.
    Technical Difficulties of Intimacy  Poster

    Technical Difficulties Of Intimacy

    dir. by Joel Moffett , United States
    runtime: 19 min
    screening: July 30th
    Starring world-renowned queer icon Buck Angel, Technical Difficulties of Intimacy is a groundbreaking new film about a man and woman, who try to salvage their relationship by exploring new sexual horizons.
    junk girl Poster

    Junk Girl

    dir. by Mohammad Zare, Iran
    runtime: 17 min
    screening: July 30th
    There once was a girl who was made up of junk. She looked really dirty, and she smelled like a skunk. She was always unhappy, or in one of her slumps-perhaps 'cause she spent so much time down in the dumps. The only bright momentwas from a guy named Stan.He was from the neighborhoodgarbage man. e loved her a lotand made a marriage proposal, but she already thrown herselfin the garbage disposal.
    ONA META (Off Season) Poster

    Ona Meta (Off Season)

    dir. by Elinor Nechemya, Israel
    runtime: 28 min
    screening: July 30th
    Wandering through mysterious paths of a sleepy seaside resort, Zohar seeks clues in hope to discover reasons for her father's absence from a family vacation. Obscurity and fear sends Zohar to darker places that threaten the unstable serenity.
  • Opening on Thursday, July 27, 2017 at the magic hour of 9:30 pm in the Kastro of Antiparos Town

    antiparos festival 2017 - bruce robbins - ladder Antiparos 2017 - BRUCE ROBBINS

    Bruce Robbins

    The Proposal

    Ladders of various heights (8 ft to 20 ft) hung around the island painted in the colors of the Aegean Sea and sky.
    Ladders motif is used to celebrate a positive and hopeful spirit to the remarkable land of Greece.
    Around the world, the spirit of democracy is being challenged and the ladders are a sign of solidarity to preserve the hope of freedom and the celebration of the power of the creative individual.
    Democracy began in the Athenian city/state of Greece and has spread around the world. But like all things based on human idealism and it’s best qualities, it is fragile and must be fought for along with all the progressive agendas of human rights, the environment, global peace and freedom.


    Symbolic of the connection between Heaven and Earth.
    It represents progress, ascension and spiritual passage.
    In the Torah (Bible) Jacob’s Ladder established contact between Man and God.
    The Ladder symbolically connects the world of matter and spirit.
    To ascend up the Ladder is to approach higher realm of consciousness to seek spiritual perfection.
    The rungs of the ladder represent progress to higher levels of being through the spiritual journey and the two uprights on each side symbolically represent duality, which is the realm that the spiritual journey takes place.
    Ladder symbolism is found in Hebrew, Persian, Hindu, Freemason, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Chinese and Native American civilizations.
    The Ladder signifies communication between the true self and the ego or the spiritual and the physical.


    Bruce Robbins has been making and exhibiting his Ladder works for over 40 years. This year he has chosen to exhibit his Ladder motif in the form of an installation piece of 100 Hanging Ladders around the island of Antiparos as a celebration and protest for love and peace. From the artist’s 1977 New York exhibition of Ladder works, he quoted Genesis 28:12 “and he dreamed, and behold a Ladder set up on the Earth, and the top of it reached to Heaven

    Bruce Robbins, born in Philadelphia, graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture in New York City.
    In the mid-seventies, he broke into the art scene as a new image sculptor with a series of painted and constructed ladder and seesaw sculptures. By 1979 he was producing a series of pilaster and door sculptures, which combined sculpture and painting signaling the post-modernist movement. Over the years he has continued his interest in structure and painting using architecture as a common theme.
    During the mid-nineties he produced a series of works called The Berlin Windows, which is on permanent display.
    In recent years, Robbins developed a series of paintings with buildings and primary shelters as his subject matter, as well as free standing sculpture and painted and constructed works called Wall Reconstructions, which serve as a meditation on painting and sculpture.

    Antiparos 2017 - Lydia venieri

    Lydia Venieri

    What thoughts come to my mind when I see Lydia Venieri's work? That Sculptors are the oldest and the youngest of this world's children. They play with stone, with lava, with argil just as they would play with the toys of the man of the future.
    Jacques Lacarriere

    antiparos festival 2017 - lydia venieri- cage with wings

    Lydia Venieri, born in Athens, is a multi-media artist whose work ranges from sculpture to installations incorporating painting, photography, video, the Internet and even the iPhone. Her work is inspired by everyday mythology and symbolism, and is presented in units with titles such as Platonic Big Bang, Telluric Manifesto, Anima Mundis, Planet Exodus, The Last Conflict.

    “I create universes and landscapes where I project stories, conspiracy theories related to the media and mythological legends.”

    In 2000 she was awarded the Academie Francaise Medal for Sculpture. She studied at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, in Paris. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide including the George Pompidou Center, Manifesta Rotterdam, Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Gallery Asbaek Copenhagen, Cultural Centre of Stockholm, National Gallery of Greece, Athens Olympics 2004, Ancien Musee Archeologique Municipalite de Thessalonique, Centre for Contemporary Art in Dordrecht Netherlands, New York Public Library, and Art in General. Since 1997 Venieri has been based in New York where she has created her trilogy: Hibernation, Forever After and The Dolphin Conspiracy a sculpture installation and video series. Her photo series, War Games and See No Evil have toured in the US, Europe and Asia. Venieri is often commissioned to create set designs for theaters in the US and Europe. She is represented by Stux Gallery in New York and Gallery Terra Tokyo, Gallery Vanessa Quang in Paris, and Gallery Isabel Aninat in South America.

    "I look at reality from a kind of Felliniesque point of view. By establishing some boundaries I bring out the concept. As in life and in dreams, reason doesn’t have much of a role: the story itself initiates the viewer in a deeper conscience. The beginning is the end, and the answer is the question, but some strong points bring up the physiognomy and the character of a new direction"